We are passionate about ASMR

We have always been incredibly grateful for the ever increasing amount of free ASMR triggering content that is created by ASMRtists all over the world.

Our History

Tingletastic was formed out of a friendship that began with ASMR and continues to thrive to this day.

Evy Whispers and Whisperhub met through the Whisperhub website, which was one of the first ASMR websites in 2011. They went on to work together on the “ASMR Island” community website with other ASMRtists such as, Whispering Weaver and TheWaterWhispers in 2012.

Our Mission

Formed in April 2019 Tingletastic was born out of a passion for ASMR and designing quality, affordable products.

We strive to responsibly make meaningful products that increase the awareness of ASMR and support ASMRTists where we can.

Our Values

We are passionate about ASMR

Although our attempts at giving back through video production never really took off (we both like watching videos more than making them) we have always been incredibly grateful for the ever increasing amount of free ASMR triggering content that is created by ASMRtists all over the world.

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Our Team

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Previously a P.E Teacher for 14 years working mostly abroad , I was forced to give it all up in 2010 when overnight my health changed dramatically. Suffering from terrible insomnia I searched the internet for relaxtation videos.

I was fortunate to stumble on the beginnings of the ASMR community on Youtube and soon was experiencing ASMR regularly to help me sleep. It helped me so much around that time that I wanted to try my hand at making an ASMR website and made whisperhub.co.uk which the idea was to list asmr videos and sort them into types of trigger. The Youtube Search algorythm was terrible at the time and could make it really difficult to find content. I met EvyWhispers in 2011 when through the Whisperhub website chat we got talking aobut ASMR projects. We worked together with several others in creating ASMR Island.com where a large part of the focus was trying to organise ASMRtists to broadcast live on Justin TV to an audience. 

Having had some success with T-shirt design in the last year, both Evy and I wanted ot create something more meanigful and lasting than shirts for the latest video game. We started to think about how ASMR had helped us both in our lives and though many people were becoming aware of ASMR we thought about a fantastic way to help celebrate ASMR and discuss it with new people is to wear ASMR merch!








Dealing with anxiety and depression since 2008 has changed my life dramatically. I had trouble sleeping and my anxiety levels were very high, to the point where it started to impact my day to day life. During this rough period, I was trying to find ways to deal with my anxiety and remembered a specific feeling that calmed me down when I was very young. While I was at school, there was a person who had a soft, slow voice and I felt this amazing, calm feeling when she started reading.

This was my first ASMR experience but did not know what it was or meant back then. Since that feeling gave me safety and calmness, I started searching on Youtube and found Kiwiwhispers. He helped me a lot with his videos and I can’t thank him enough for that. He truly was my inspiration to start my own channel and help other people.

In 2011 I found the Whisperhub website and it changed my life. I started chatting in the website chat and got to meet Whisperhub and talked with her for hours. You can say we immediately clicked and created an amazing friendship that to this day, is still unbreakable.

We started working on several ASMR projects and started to think about how ASMR helped us and many other people. We want to spread the word and make people become aware of this fantastic thing. I am very excited for Tingletastic and can’t wait to start this journey together with Whisperhub.

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