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If you are not familiar with Dr Craig Richard of then allow us to introduce you. Dr Richard, super smart fellow and founder of ASMR University is a Professor of Biopharmacutical sciences at Shenandoah University. We’ve been following his website since it’s inception in 2014 and it’s full of terrific information.

If you ever have any questions about ASMR or are just curious to learn more you must check out ASMR University. There’s details of all the research conducted to date on ASMR and links to studies you can participate in. Dr Richard also regularly writes an excellent ASMR news blog where he keeps us up to date with what’s happening.

Dr Richard has contributed extensively to the furthering of ASMR research and has been involved in everything from conducting his own ASMR research Project involving over  25,000 participants to writing a book on ASMR.

In September 2018 Dr Richard released his book ‘Brain Tingles: The Secret to Triggering Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response for Improved Sleep, Stress Relief, and Head-to-Toe Euphoria’  which we thoroughly recommend. It’s a perfect introduction to ASMR as well as supplying lots of supporting evidence for the existence of ASMR (yes, some people are still sceptical), details of current research, opinions and experiences of those who get ASMR (including vast contributions from members of the ASMR community, incl yours truly) and also an extensive guide on how to induce ASMR in yourself and others.

Although perhaps not having an obvious appeal to those seasoned in ASMR, you might be surprised at what more there is to learn. It’s also a fantastic book to gift someone in your life who you think would benefit greatly from ASMR but has yet to experience it. Furthermore, for those who have recently connected that tingly feeling they have had all their lives to the term ASMR, it’s an informative guide to explain ASMR and all its intricacies and suggests lots of ways to trigger. For this reason we think it’s a terrific book for ideas for ASMRtists…finding new ways to trigger and ideas for videos are a-plenty. Also check out ‘The Art of ASMR’ section in ASMR University which is stacked with tips and useful info to ascend your ASMR inducing skills to God-tier.

Brain Tingles doubles as a brief history of the phenomenon and the first book-length how-to guide for provoking ASMR in others … its timing is perfect.


We love the attention to detail in the book – as well as having extensive content, would you believe the front cover of this book is designed to be an ASMR trigger itself?! It’s got a super soft, pleasing feel and little dimples on the front! GENIUS!

In summary, we highly recommend ‘Brain Tingles’ as the time and expertise gone into making a book that straddles both the practical and scientific aspects of ASMR so effortlessly is worth shouting about. That, and we think it’s a fabulous way to help talk to your uninitiated friends and family about ASMR.

You can find the book here

ASMR University is here

Dr Craig Richard’s Bio is here

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