JULY, 2019

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the TT team. 

Dennis ASMR did an awesome job representing Tingletastic in his Instagram post featuring our products.

Dennis is a ASMRtist on YouTube who specialises in content to help his 500k + subscribers relax and sleep…. and get those tingles going obviously. 

He kicked off his ASMR career with a video called “MY FIRST ASMR VIDEO! (Mouth Sounds, Tapping, and MORE)” which was published in April of 2018.

His first video to approach 1 million views was “ASMR | Jealous Boyfriend Roleplay (Sleep-Inducing).” 

We love that Dennis called on his bro to help feature our ASMR tees! 

We want to thank Dennis for his awesome support and for the fantastic job he and his brother did of modelling our products.

Right now we’re working on developing a partner program for ASMRtists to join our team offering some terrific ways for creators to further monetize their talents. 

We love supporting ASMRtists as the community has helped all of us in the Tingletastic team with various aspects of mental health and insomnia. The ASMR community has been a lifeline for us and in fact it’s how we all met. 

We hope to publish more details about this project soon, watch this space – make sure to sign up for article updates. 


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