JoJo ASMR is our first official Partner!

We are super excited to announce that the wonderfully talented ASMRtist Jojo ASMR (also known as Jonah) has come on board to be our first official partner!

Jojo is a much loved staple of the ASMR community on youtube with a massive 831,000 subscribers at this time, he’s constantly growing with superb content. His channel is only almost 3 years old but he has a loyal following who eagerly anticipate his almost daily uploads.

Originating from Australia, his ASMR videos include, roleplays, magic tricks, piano playing,  minecraft gaming and most often excellent, close-up mic work for triggers and sleep. 

I’m a 19 year old full-time university student who grew up missing a lot of needed sleep. 

The focus and vision of this channel is to give to you all what I couldn’t give myself in years that I needed sleep most. 

ASMR has become a viral, international phenomenon as it helps to relax and de-stress!

                                                         – Jojo ASMR

We are extremely honored that Jonah has chosen us as his one and only sponsor. We’re so excited to see what we can do together and we look forward to seeing how many people we can help by spreading the word about ASMR!

We’re sure you are already familiar but if you have yet to see Jojo, here is his Channel:

Don’t forget to use his code TEAMJOJO when making your purchase to get 10% off your order and help support Jojo’s channel 🙂 

Whisperhub, Co Founder, TT

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