2 July 2019

We’ve had a busy month for sure and made some fantastic new connections with peeps throughout the ASMR community. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of ASMRtists who have done a stellar job at representing our brand this month – Cindy Whispers and Kickback ASMR.

Cindy Whispers ASMR is a Dutch ASMRtist who has been making videos for the last year. Her style is everything from roleplays, creative crafts to trigger sounds and eating videos and she has a beautiful energy that is obvious to her audience. Her videos are mostly in Dutch for those who love languages. 

Here she is wearing our ASMR Addict Hoodie

Here’s her channel.

We are extremely grateful to Cindy for making an excellent video about one of our favourite ASMR hoodies and hope that she enjoys wearing it s much as we did making it!


Cindy Whispers ASMR

Next is a relatively new channel that we were lucky enough to come across – Kickback ASMR. Kickback is a Finnish ASMRtist who makes Mukbang videos with THE most delicious food that he makes himself. We were drawn to his smaller channel as he also has a fantastic energy even though he never speaks in his videos – it’s all about the delicious food and drink. 

You can find Kickack ASMR’s youtube channel here. 

And here is his debut video wearing our ASMR t-shirt. 

Annnd in fact Kickback wears his ‘You had me at ASMR’ tee in every video he makes! An absolute legend and we are so stoked that he likes his shirt 🙂 


We are super grateful to our ambassadors and love supporting ASMRtists

We are super grateful to our ambassadors and love supporting ASMRtists. If you are an ASMR content creator and would like to get in touch about being an ambassador you can fire us a message here or contact us on contact@tingletastic.com Instagram or Facebook message.

In other news we’d like to share where our fulfillment centres are. Although our site is in US dollars we are not purely an American site. We have fulfillment centers throughout the US and in Europe. If you are in those locations and order from us, your shipping cost is low as are your shipping times (3-5 days after fulfillment). Fulfillment usually takes about a day meaning you should receive your order well within a week.

Any problems, our door and ears are always open as we are dedicated to making sure you have the best experience ever.

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