We’ve only been up and running for a week or so and already we’ve had our first customer!

Thank you so much to The Tingle Chaser (check out her channel here) who bravely went where no ASMR lover has gone before and made our first ever sale.

The Tingle Chaser is a brand new ASMRtist who’s only been making videos a few months but they are super chilled and relaxing with some awesome sounds

She has been so supportive of our efforts that she bought not one, not two, but three items from our store!

She’s reported back that everything looks great and she’s really pleased with the quality of the t-shirts and hoodie and she’s even wearing the hoodie in her latest video.

We’d love it if you went over and subbed to her channel to support a brand new ASMRtist….oh, and did we mention she is awesome?!

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